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Park Benefits

Our People

Whether it’s finding the cause of agricultural enemies or creating alternative and environmentally-friendly and sustainable fuel sources, the Treasure Coast Research Park boasts world-class talent. This quiet community on Florida’s East Coast houses giants in the area of research and experimentation in the areas of agriculture and science.

We are proud to be home to some of the world’s most active and cutting-edge researchers, and we are delighted to have created a climate for innovation and exploration right here in Florida.

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High Quality Development Design Standards







•Architectural Guidelines
•Construction Methods & Materials
•Sustainability & Energy Efficiency
•Code Research
•Florida Statues

•Access & Existing Infrastructure
•Roads and Cross Sections
•Parking Standards
•Sustainability & Green Strategies

•Site Amenities
•Bike Racks

•Preferred and Prohibited Species
•Landscape Buffering & Screening
•Foundation Planting
•Green Design Guidelines

•Monument Signs
•Directional Signs

•Building Signage
•Conceptual Designs

•Irrigation Design
Irrigation Water Use Zones
Irrigation Equipment
•Stormwater: Sustainability
Design Guidelines

We Are Green

Conveniently Located

Utilities & Ammenities

The three utility providers within the Treasure Coast Research Park are Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA), Florida Power and Light (FPL), and AT&T. Potable water, natural gas and sanitary sewer are available from FPUA, electricity is provided by FPL, fiber optic communications is provided by both FPUA and AT&T, plus tenants may take advantage of the highest speed internet by using the Florida Lambda Rail with connections to the National Lambda Rail system.

Potable water, supplied by the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA), is available to the property through an existing water main located along Rock Road. Currently, an existing force main for sanitary sewer is located on Kings Highway, running south from Orange Avenue to the existing USDA facility and UF/IFAS. A substation for electricity exists on Orange Avenue west of Florida’s Turnpike and electric service is provided from the existing FPL transmission line corridor located in the southwest corner of the site.